The Marketing Pack

Know Your Customers, Improve your Revenues. Provide Key valuable knowledge to your agents, Increase customer satisfaction. Know your customer’s device, Propose the adapted VAS.
Subscriber Base and Segmentation Get a clear status of your subscriber base (Technical and Active) by region, offer and segment (usage, value, seniority, distribution)
Market Share Know how to position yourself with respect to the competition, and how it evolves, by region, city and district
Usage Analyze traffic, AUPU and user base: Voice, SMS & Data, on-net, local, international & VAS, Incoming & Outgoing. Precise off-peak periods for dedicated offers. Integrates data habits: VoIP app, social networks, competition…
Handsets & Devices All the information regarding handsets and devices on your network (sales & market shares per brand and device, device capabilities, users with multiple devices)
360° view, prediction models & performance All information on the subscriber: usage, costs & revenues, geolocation, devices, segments, usage habits, incidents, contacts… Build churn & up-sell/cross-sell prediction models and advanced segmentations. Integrate into your campaign management tools and quantify effective promotion impact
Prepaid & Postpaid Revenues Analyze the revenue streams and ARPU by offer, service, destinations… Segment users based on TopUps frequency, average amount and Recency
Roaming Costs & Revenues Analyze the roaming traffic of visitors on the network and subscribers roaming abroad
Profitability Integrate all costs and revenues to determine profitability by site, offer, destination and individual subscriber
Interconnection Cost & Revenues Analyze Voice and SMS, local and international, incoming and outgoing interconnection
TopUp Booster & Campaign Management Real Time analysis of customer behavior to trigger targeted promotions to increase your revenues