Our Products

The Core

Data Collection Engine

From all network Elements & Operational. Systems Scalable, distributed and parallelized processes. Full traceability: detects late, missing or corrupted files. Billions of tickets and millions of files processed daily

Data Visualization Engine

Secured Web based Reporting system with geographic information capabilities. Automated Publication and export to .xls, .pdf and .ppt via Email. Competitive Licensing Model

Central Monitoring Engine

Web based transparent interface. Process automation and recovery. Process supervision: execution and performance monitoring at every step. Build in performance indicators at system, database, network, IO and application levels.

Our Packs

The Commercial Pack

Optimize your Investments, Improve Sales Quality.

The Marketing Pack

Know Your Customers, Improve your Revenues.

The Financial Pack

Secure your Costs and Revenues.

The Technical Pack

Optimize Your CAPEX, Secure Upgrades.

The Mobile Money Pack

Secure your Financial Flows, Prevent Fraud.


Fast deployment time at a fixed price

Field proven optimized algorithms to provide accurate, reliable
and homogeneous information across the company

Fully auditable processes

Abstract structure to describe your business, resilient to the evolution of your technical production environment

Open data, compatible with all BI and data mining tools, accessible to analysts and external system

Integrated Analytics and KPI, built-in dahsboards