Monthly Dashboard Subscriber base by segment, adds and churn, Volume and amount of Transactions (cash in / cash out), ATPU, Active merchants base…
Subscriber Base and Segmentation Get a clear status of your subscriber base (Technical and Active) by region and segment (usage, value, seniority, KYC level)
Distribution Monitor Gross adds per distribution, agent & region. Track agents hierarchy: types of transaction (cash in / cash out), volumes, credit balance, region… Identify agents whose limits should be adapted
Merchants Understand your merchant base: segmentation by volume & visitors
Merchant Enrichment Based on merchant raw information, automatically identify their position, type of business, contact details. Locate them on a map to visualize your financial flows
Transactions Analyze transactions by type (cash in / cash out / rewards), volumes and amounts, by region, merchant type and monitor impact of cash-back on customer behaviour
Activity Booster Define campaigns applicable to targeted users based on their activity and visited merchants. Automatically allocate cashbacks in real-time
Churn Analysis Determine the root cause for churn. Predefined models and proven methodology to classify per offer, usage, value, seniority, distribution, device, region
Financial Certification Guarantee the integrity of the financial flows at individual customer level. Verifies the consistency of the transactions with respect to the KYC level of a customer or the authorized amounts of an agent
Fraud Detection Highlight users and merchants with unusual behaviors. Real-time transaction analysis to enforce the suspension of a given account
Legal Request & Investigation Extract detailed usage from the various platforms on a specific customer for auditing or claim purposes
Secure your FINANCIAL FLOWS, Prevent FRAUD