MOBILE MONEY MARKET OVERVIEW Get a clear vision of the market: Real subscriber base, financial flows and merchants
CONTROL PROPER IDENTIFICATION OF USERS Make sure operators have properly identified the subscribers behind each phone number
CONTROL KYC CONSISTENCY Control the volume of transactions of each user conforms to his KYC level
FINANCIAL FLOWS Analyze all types of transactions (deposit, withdrawal, transfer, purchase …) in terms of volumes and amounts, perf region and city
CERTIFY REVENUES Control Mobile Money Revenues associated to fees
Check the consistency of the financial flows, every day, for every subscriber
DETECT ABNORMAL BEHAVIOURS Identify suspicious behaviours (virtual money injection, abnormal transfer patterns …) and drill down to associated indivual subscribers
DETECT « UNDECLARED » MERCHANTS Identify users that are NOT registered as merchants (no company registry, no VAT number) but have a high probabilty to be real merchants (but without income tax nor VAT perception)
DETECT INCIDENTS Identify incidents that impact end users
Possibility to determine potential indemnification to improve customer protection