Monthly Dashboard Get a clear status of your subscriber base (Technical and Active) and its evolution (gross adds, migrations & transfer, churnable and not churnable disconnections …) Integrate ARPU, AUPU, Prepaid, Postpaid, Interconnection and Roaming Revenues, SAC & SRC
Budget Update Extract updated year to date information to update the objectives Upload the new objectives into the system to integrate them into the dashboard
Prepaid Revenues Certification Validate the rates per offer and type of traffic & Destination. Secure the prepaid revenue consistency and its accounting certification. Controls are performed on a daily basis at individual subscriber level and for each bucket. Inject accounting entries into the ERP
Postpaid Revenues Certification Secure the rates per offer and type of traffic & destination. Secure the synchronization between the Postpaid Billing and the ERP
Promotion Certification Validate the proper application of the promotions Validate the profitability of the applied promotion in terms of churn reduction of ARPU increase
Roaming Certification Validate the Roaming Costs and revenues at TAP level versus the clearing house. Obtain the analytical repartition of the associated costs by offer, region …
Interconnection Billing Rating & Billing Engine for Voice, SMS & VAS, incoming & outgoing traffic, local & international. Enables detailed analysis in case of litigation. Integrates abnormal evolution detection and automate export to ERP (real & End of Month estimates)
Profitability Integrate all costs and revenues to determine profitability by site, offer, destination and individual subscriber to approve CAPEX investments or launch of new offers
Legal Request Extract detailed usage, rated and unrated, for all services, for a given subscriber. Identify users behind IP address. All accesses are secured and traced
Fraud: Firewall SMS Validate SMS in real-time, both incoming and outgoing Avoid spam and unauthorized interworking connections
Fraud: Interconnection & ByPass Detection Detect SIM boxes, both Voice and SMS Detect abnormal behavior on international traffic
Fraud: Sales Detect fraudulent and suspicious behavior based on advanced analytics and apply to charge-back Track acquisition and retention quality and pay the right amount for a customer