Subscriber Base and Segmentation Get a clear status of your subscriber base (Technical and Active) by region, offer and segment (usage, value, seniority, distribution)
Market Share Know how to position yourself with respect to the competition, and how it evolves, by region, city and district
Network: Customer experience Network quality visualized on a map which shows impacted customers in order to adapt your sales efforts
Sales and SAC Monitor your gross adds and associated SAC (commissions and device subsidies), per dealer offer and region and compare to your objectives and budget
Handsets & Devices All the information regarding handsets and devices on your network (sales & market shares per brand and device, device capabilities, users with multiple devices)
Inventory Management Benchmark inventory management by Sales Channels and avoid shortages
Sales commissioning Control activation quality, calculate charge back, improve communication with Sales Channels with daily status and integrate with your ERP
Customer Satisfaction Quantify the tickets and their resolution delay by reason and analyze them based on offer, usage, value, region, device to identify priorities to focus on
Churn Analysis Determine the root cause for churn. Predefined models and proven methodology to classify per offer, usage, value, seniority, distribution, device, region