PROVISIONING QUALITY Secure the consistency of the subscriber information amongst commercial and technical systems. Measure the performance of the activation process
TRAFFIC CONSISTENCY Secure the consistency of the usage amongst platforms: Switchs, SMS-C, Interconnection gateways, Radius, Prepaid & Postpaid Billing, TAP files, Evoucher and P2P management platforms
PREPAID & POSTPAID REVENUE ASSURANCE Secure Migrations and platform updates by making sure business rules are properly taken into account and there is no revenue loss
QUOTA MANAGEMENT Tracks data usage, provides web services for customers information and integrates with provisioning platform to raise alerts and update maximum bandwidth
SITE ANALYSIS & PROFITABILITY Confirms the value of each site to set support & deployment priorities. Shares this information with Business Units
TRANSMISSION ANALYSIS Clarify network topology Identify incidents or saturation impacts on customers
INCIDENT IMPACT ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE For transmission links and Site incidents, identify individual subscribers impacted and helps determine the right compensation strategy
QOS Segment Subscribers based on their QoS (drop call, bandwidth, S/N, latency…) Integrate into churn prediction models
SMS-C FIREWALL Real-Time SMS validation, both incoming and outgoing, to avoid spam and unauthorized interworking connections
CUSTOMER INVESTIGATION Extract detailed usage from the various platforms on a specific customer for auditing or claim management purposes