Snype and PNI launch their partnership

Snype et PNI
SNYPE specializes in traffic and revenue certification, fraud control, mobile devices, interconnections, Over-The-Top (OTT) services, Mobile Money, and transactional data, offering analytical software customized for regulatory authorities.
As 2024 unfolds, SNYPE is committed to expanding these offerings, thereby strengthening its position in the industry. The company proudly announces a strategic partnership with PLANET NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (PNI), a pioneer in mobile network surveillance solutions, primarily aimed at telecommunications regulatory authorities. PNI supports these authorities in enforcing their quality-of-service supervision mandates in accordance with national laws.
Significantly, PNI’s solutions comply with ITU-T recommendations and ETSI specifications, thus ensuring adherence to international standards. PNI’s portfolio includes scalable products and expert services covering quality of service (QoS) and user experience (QoE) analysis, as well as public portal analysis consolidating data from various sources. This comprehensive approach facilitates the creation of accurate maps of network coverage and service quality.
This alliance is intended to produce a new tariff verification module.
This partnership marks a year of innovation for both SNYPE and PNI, aiming to meet industry needs while adhering to international standards. Their joint efforts symbolize a commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecommunications regulation field, propelling both companies forward in their mission to provide leading regulatory solutions.
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MWC Barcelona from 26th to 29th february 2024.
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